Songful Community

We believe in the power of community, and the connecting power of music. Our music classes and events bring families together. Sharing in the joy of making music together. 

Music Together® Online

While nothing beats the connections of in-person class, parents and little ones have loved the flexibility of online classes. Our mission of empowering parents shines in this format. 

Mixed Age Classes

With classes tailored for babies and children up to the age of five, our Mixed age classes meet creative needs at all stages of development. There's space for everyone to grow.

Let us make it easy for you

Right now, parents have so many added responsibilities to balance!  Our straightforward curriculum takes all the guess work out of at-home learning by providing comprehensive at-home musical learning curriculm for your little one. With classes and activities throughout the week, it's one less thing for you to plan for your children. 

Music supports all learning 

Music learning supports all areas of development! Support your little one's overall growth and school readiness with this fun, foundational, approach to learning. Using the power of play, modeling, observation, and active music making, your little one will be developing important skills while having fun with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When COVID-19 required us all to retreat into our homes, we were faced with a complete shift in how we continued to meet the developmental, emotional, and social needs of our children. We have worked hard to extend the benefits of the Music Together® program beyond the classroom, to provide new ways for families of young children to connect and grow together through music.

In order to meet the adjusting needs of our community, our Online program will be all hosted here on our site. Your membership includes weekly  live classes via Zoom, prerecorded videos, as well as weekly resources and bonus content for making music at home. For some families, our added reliance on technology has been intimidating. Be assured that we're here learning with you, and we happy to help you adjust to this new model. 

In any learning environment, a child's response varies based on their dominant learning style and temperament, age, and developmental ability. Some may chose to sit in your lap and observe quietly, while others may move and dance enthusiastically. It may appear that your child is not "paying attention" as they are drawn to explore and play, especially with many distractions of home. We know that little ones learn through play and observation, which is why your role in the class is so valuable. Parents are encouraged (required) to participate by singing and following along during live classes, providing the model for class participation and immersing their little one in a musical environment.

The Music Together® program is tailored to provide a variety of musical experiences in class and at home during the week, and we provide a variety of ways to implement this program in your home in a way that works for your family. Throughout the session, your teacher will help you tune in to your child's musical behaviors, so that you can support their musical growth and development. 


You are your child's best teacher! No matter how you might feel about the sound of your own voice, to your child it is the best sound in the world. Just as our children grow into more confident and competent music makers, with practice and continued music activities at home your skill can improve as well. The advantage of music class in your own home, is that there are fewer people to worry about hearing and seeing you. So, get silly, sing loudly, and dance like your toddler is watching! 

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