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Connecting babies, toddlers, and

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Music and Movement Classes

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Music is for EVERYONE

Our program brings families of all kinds together in a warm, supportive environment where anyone can feel comfortable singing, dancing and playing.


Creating lasting family and community bonds through music is our passion. 


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All children are born musical®

Music development is as natural as any other area of development, and supports overall growth and school readiness. We nurture innate musical ability using proven early childhood teaching strategies that foster a life-long love of music.

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Meet your child's best teacher..

... YOU! Our teachers provide direction and modeling to empower grownups to engage with their little one musically in class and at home. We know that children learn by watching and following their closest primary caregivers.  Everyone has more fun making music together!

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Reaching Musical Competence

Your child's creativity and self expression will flourish as they progress toward basic musical competence: the ability to sing in tune and keep a steady beat. Using the power of play, observation, and active music making, your little one will be developing important skills while having fun with you! 

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Give the gift of a family music experience!

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woman laughing with children playing with scarves

"Ms. Liz has so much joy in every class, we love her."

woman is smiling and posing with her baby

"I learned so much in class that I can use at home too."

woman holds her baby upright and is gazing at her

"This time with my baby is so precious when life's so busy."

Grandmother smiling with young toddler

"My granddaughter and I have so much fun together in class. Such a blessing for us."

woman is playing and looking at daughter on her lap

"She joined in right away, and loved dancing! It was a great way to get her energy out!"

smiling woman sits with daughter on her lap outdoors

"Our class is just as much for me as it is for her, I love the friendships we've made here."

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